The implementation of the National Broadband Network is increasing access to the internet and the uptake of mobile phone technology in remote communities where the networks are active. This has resulted in the need for platforms that give access to appropriate content for remote Indigenous people. IndigiTUBE responded to this demand and has been providing an online community sharing and accessing media made by and for Indigenous people in remote Australia.

Recent changes to IndigiTUBE involved ICTV setting up a separate video streaming service. Video content previously on IndigiTUBE has now moved to

IRCA is currently consulting with its members and stakeholders about the future of IndigiTUBE and exploring funding options for the re-development of the platform. 

IndigiTUBE aims to -

  1. facilitate the preservation and passing on of culture and language to future generations
  2. provide an appropriate portal for remote media producers to distribute and access their content in a connected digital economy
  3. showcase the important work of the remote media and communications sector nationally and internationally
  4. provide an effective online communications resource for Indigenous organisations and individuals
  5. contribute to the cultural safety and community wellbeing of Indigenous communities
  6. promote media produced in remote Indigenous communities

If you would like to contribute to the discussion and see IndigiTUBE continue as a platform where all types of media are available, please email or show your support on the IndigiTUBE Facebook page.