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People . Place . Language
indigiTUBE is now being redeveloped as the media platform by and for First Nations people, preserving traditional language and culture for future generations. IRCA received funding from the Indigenous Languages and Arts Program and we are now in Stage One of the redevelopment.

indigiTUBE will profile and promote the diversity of our First Nations media content. This expansion will include all media content creators; radio, music, video, oral histories and other digital language resources. It will become a valuable educational, language and cultural maintenance tool. It will also provide an outcome focus to the ongoing task of the digitisation of media archives.

As part of the redevelopment, indigiTUBE is rebranding to establish our national media platform with a fresh look and feel. The new media platform will consist of both a website and an app that will include streaming and download options.

Listen and view:
indigiTUBE is set to launch by September this year. Users will be able to start listening to and viewing First Nations content from across the country.

Contribute: Media organisations, workers and independents will be able to sign up for a free account and contribute content, selecting their preferred options regarding streaming, downloads and radio promotion.

Promote: Additionally, First Nations and community radio stations will be able to both contribute and download content for promotion from the one account.

The indigiTUBE website was established in 2008 to showcase media production in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Originally IRCA managed the radio streaming and audio content, and Indigenous Community Television (ICTV) managed the video content. In 2016, the management of IndigiTUBE was transferred to IRCA after ICTV established the ICTV Play service for the video content

If you would like to contribute or have questions, email or show your support on the IndigiTUBE Facebook page.