What we do


IRCA supports the industry to provide essential media and communications services to remote Indigenous people and communities.   

1. Representation

IRCA will focus on providing effective advocacy for the industry and exerting maximum influence on broadcasting and media policy issues as and when they arise.

2. Policy & Research

A strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media industry needs a clear understanding of needs, issues and trends. It needs reliable evidence to build a business and social impact case to attract and maintiain diverse income streams from government, philanthropic institutions, and the corporate sector. Above all it needs reliable data on sector capacity and needs as well as audience engagement to inform policy, effective decision-making and promotion of industry outcomes and impact.

3. Member Services

As a peak body, IRCA’s greatest responsibility is to serve its members. Over the next three years, the organisation will focus on building a range of membership services that respond to the needs and interests of its membership. IRCA will also look for ways in which to inform, support and assist its members with a range of services that build capacity and resources for the future.

4. Industry Development

Effective and reliable media and communications services for Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander people anywhere in Australia needs strong organisations and skilled people. We need to maintain and build upon the infrastructure, resources, people, organisations and stakeholders that currently exist in the industry. Existing capacity and knowledge in the industry will be recognised as well as the need to support effective responses by the industry in the face of technological, audience and policy changes. Collaborative working groups will be developed in relevant areas such as:

  • Employment & skills development
  • Technology and innovation (Inc. R&D)
  • Content development and sharing
  • Business development and planningresources, workshops, etc.
  • Other membership-driven projects

5. Industry Promotion & Networking

This area of activity is considered crucial in building a vibrant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media industry and promoting its outcomes nationally and internationally. Industry conferences and events provide an opportunity for organisations and practitioners with a common interest to come together to showcase best practice, network and to share knowledge, ideas and expertise. They also provide an opportunity to celebrate achievements through industry awards and to meet with industry stakeholders, government agencies and funding partners. The aim is to build a sense of connectedness and to increase the profile of the work of the industry and its practitioners.