IRCA invitation by Tadam Lockyer from IRCA Australia on Vimeo.

IRCA is currently expanding its role and representation to become the national peak body for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander broadcasting, media and communications industry. We recognise the diversity within the industry and have consulted and worked closely with our stakeholders to determine appropriate membership, governance and support structures. The draft Strategic Plan 2016-19 has been launched and we are now inviting feedback on our role and function as a national peak body and the services we deliver to our members. In October 2016, IRCA changed its Constitution to reflect this expanded role and moved to an organisational membership model. There are four membership categories available to organisations and individuals who are directly involved or have an interest in building our diverse and innovative sector.

IRCA Chairperson John ‘Tadam’ Lockyer said: ‘IRCA is now inviting organisations and individuals from across Australia to join us. Together we will build a sustainable and robust Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander broadcasting, media and communications industry. We can work towards connecting our people, places and stories across the country and strengthening our culture, languages, identity and well-being. A strong media and broadcasting industry is essential for informing, educating and entertaining our communities, but also for getting our voices, views and stories heard nationally and internationally.’

While broadcasting is the core activity, IRCA acknowledges that the sector has diversified significantly and embraces all the mediums Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are now using to communicate, connect and share knowledge. We invite membership from organisations and individuals working across all platforms; radio, film/TV, print, online and mobile. We also invite non-Indigenous partner organisations and supporters of the sector to join as Affiliates or Friends.

IRCA aims to be an effective national peak body that delivers outcomes, building upon our achievements over the last 15 years in representing and resourcing the remote sector. Our activities will include regular newsletters and industry updates, networking events and meetings, annual awards, working groups on key focus areas, policy development, research and data collection, content sharing, and sector promotions. We will also continue to advocate for digital inclusion and access to relevant media services in our communities nationally.

In May 2017 a National Summit will be held in Alice Springs to launch the national peak body and provide a forum for industry policy development and planning. This will provide an opportunity to help shape the new peak body and set the future direction of the industry. Join IRCA today. Membership information here.

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