Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The 2016 Remote Indigenous Media and Communications Survey highlighted the importance and value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander radio to local communities. 80% of remote community members are regular listeners to the radio services provided through Remote Indigenous Media Organisations and Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Services.

But for community members in areas without mobile connectivity, remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander radio is especially important.  The results of the survey show that access to news and emergency information through remote Indigenous radio is valued at significantly higher levels in communities without mobile connectivity.  Alternative sources of information through Internet communications platforms are often simply not available or, where available through satellite, are slow or congested.

These findings about the impact of mobile connectivity further underpin the vital role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander radio. Its reach into small, very remote communities with important and time sensitive information for community member engagement with local, regional and national matters and issues is of critical importance to those communities.