Current Government Consultations

Consultation on Spectrum Legislation

Department of Communications and the Arts. Submissions due by 28 July. 

Proposals put forward by the Department in this consultation are:

  1. Remove the broadcasting services band (BSB) concept and Ministerial designations of BSBs and devolve responsibility for spectrum designations and high -level planning decisions to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Ministerial policy statements will be introduced to guide the ACMA. 
  2. In planning spectrum for use by national, commercial and community broadcasters and high powered open narrowcasters, the ACMA will have regard to the objects and the planning criteria similar to the current Section 23 of the Broadcasting Services Act. 
  3. Licence area plans and television licence area plans will be combined and simplified. Simplified licence area plans will not include technical specifications (which will instead be included as conditions of individual radiocommunications licences).
  4. Change terminology of broadcasting licences from broadcasting services band to ‘licences for the provision of broadcasting services planned in a licence area plan. These will be known as LAP planned licences.
  5. Reforms will maintain the linkage between licences under the Broadcasting Services Act 
  6. 1992 and access to licences under the Radiocommunications Bill for incumbents. 
  7. Remove digital radio channel plans and move into a new single licensing system. 
  8. Incorporate the process for issuing digital radio multiplex transmitter licences into a new licence issue scheme. 
  9. Consolidate the digital radio multiplex licence issue entitlements and broadcasters’ access-seeking entitlements.
  10. Incorporate greater flexibility into the new framework to allow for trading and sharing of spectrum.

The Consultation Paper and associated documents are available at

Consulatation on Spectrum Pricing

Department of Communications and the Arts. Submissions due by 27 July.

This consultation is seeking feedback on a number of matters including feedback on the way in which apparatus (administered) licences are priced. The proposals in relation to administered licences are that: 

  1. The ACMA should undertake a detailed review of the administrative pricing formula’s parameters which should be regularly updated and
  2. The ACMA should apply opportunity cost pricing to a greater number of spectrum bands, especially where it is impractical to competitively allocate spectrum 

The Consultation Paper and Fact Sheet are available at

IRCA is liaising with the Department of Communications and the Arts on both the Spectrum consultations and is seeking feedback from the sector to form a response. Please contact Daniel Featherstone, IRCA Manager, on 08 8952 6465 or for further information or to provide feedback.

Tax Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Reform Opportunities Discussion Paper

The Treasury. Submissions due 4 August 2017

This paper outlines a number of proposals to strengthen the DGR governance arrangements, reduce administrative complexity and ensure that an organisation’s eligibility for DGR status is up to date. The proposals include the requirement that all DGRs be registered charities. There are also proposals to reduce the complexity of gaining DGR status, as well as a proposal to specify more closely the type of advocacy activities that a charity can undertake.

IRCA has distributed a draft submission for feedback and comment. Please contact Daniel Featherstone, IRCA Manager, on 08 8952 6465 or for further information.

The Consultation Paper is available at