IRCA transitions to National Peak Body

Established in 2001, Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA) is currently expanding its role and representation to become the national peak body for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander broadcasting, media and communications industry. In October 2016, IRCA changed its Constitution to reflect this expanded role and move to an organisational membership model. Building upon its current remote sector representation, IRCA is now inviting regional and urban media and broadcasting organisations to join IRCA in providing a cohesive voice for this diverse and innovative sector. 


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Transcript from IRCA presentation at the ACCANect Conference

Remote Indigenous communities are one of the most digitally excluded groups in Australia. But where there is internet access, there is rapid uptake, particularly on mobile devices. Remote users are also one of the groups who benefit the most from internet access. And as we know, the internet is becoming the only way for many people living remotely to access some services – things like retail, training, banking – we've seen the consolidation of government services on MyGov.

Exciting times for IRCA as we begin the transition to becoming the official national peak body representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media organisations. IRCA leaders have been hard at work reviewing its Constitution, structure and services to prepare for this challenge. IRCA’s primary purpose will be to build the capacity of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander broadcasting, media and communications industry, providing effective representation and resourcing to assist remote, regional and urban media organisations.


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